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"An ode to all my clothes, may I wear you again soon"-💗 Eb

Dear navy blue Ralph Lauren robe, I miss you, but you don't belong to me and I can't leave the house to come visit. If I get to see you again, the weather will probably be too warm to enjoy your terry cloth hugs, I hope you don't forget me.

This is dramatic and ridiculous, I know, but fashion is my life and life is such, so here I am, to vent. The effects of Covid-19 are serious and life altering, not to be made light of, this I am aware. However, the truth is relateable and often makes me laugh the hardest. That being said, I know that I'm not the only one who started to build a summer wardrobe early and now have a corner full of brand new clothes pending wear.

Recent articles have shown that the sales of tops are exceeding those of bottoms, since many people are communicating via zoom and only need to look presentable from the waist up. These people are much better than I am, because for the last month of quarantine, I've been UGLY! I'm in a consistent rotation of sweats, tees, hoodies, and a hair bonnet. No, I'm not sharing my screen, and don't ask!

I do realize that I could at least try though, and for those who actually are trying, I have some ideas of casual cool looks that can transition from inside, to out the front door, at the least. What to wear when you're stuck in quarantine, but still want to be kind of cute, and you might see bae (via FaceTime) later...I gotchu!

I'm avid about not wasting an outfit, nothing I dislike more than being all dolled up with nowhere to go. With that, comfort is key! The options from Rihanna's Savage x Fenty range from comfortable under garments to sexy intimates. The site offers a a high neck, short sleeve crop and leggings set, in the "it" color for the season, neon green. Though the items don't come as a set, they can be paired together as one. This is helpful since our top and bottom halves may not always match in size (big booty's stand up!!). The prices aren't necessarily cheap at $39 per piece, however, the brand offers special discounted pricing for members with a subscription.

While the set is versatile for chilling, and working out, it can also suffice for a quick outing. With the fit and style, I'd suggest a cover up, of course, for modesty. That brings me to robes/kimono's. Remember when they had their moment a few years ago, let's bring them back. As I stated earlier, with the weather changing, heavy robes may not be the most comfortable right now, but a lightweight version can be utilized as a robe or a cover up.

From the seller Kimandono of Etsy, there are a variety of options with different colors and prints. The style is long, belted, and 3/4 sleeve. Though it does look like it's for home only, styling with a plain tee or tank and jeans creates a brand new look that can take you from the inside to out. Prices range from $18 and up. So yes, get two!

I hope to soon take my own advice and upgrade my own quarantine wardrobe, but even if none of us do, we know there are options, and sometimes, that's just good enough. Stay safe, stay stylish!

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