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(Spring+18th Bday- Graduation-NBA)= Covid-19

A special guest post from a future sports journalists, who also happens to be my baby sis Shaquirra! Presenting: The Future

Spring 2020, forget that I’m in my senior year of high school and will probably miss both prom and graduation, the NBA season is postponed!!!” (Cries silently). Yes, this was and still is my reaction to hearing that the NBA season will be suspended/postponed until further notice. Oh Covid.

For me, watching basketball brings a different type of joy into my life. My family would say otherwise, because for them it just brings loud clapping, screaming and me talking mess about every player when the team loses. But I promise you I love it and wouldn’t trade my losing Bulls for anything 💗.

When I watch the game I feel as if I can go out there and play all positions, while coaching, refereeing and giving commentary on the sidelines with Neil and Stacey. Now, going on week three without basketball, I can say that a piece of me is definitely missing. Yes, I could treat this as an off-season break, but it’s very hard knowing that I can’t even turn on a summer league game or the Team USA Olympics. Instead I find myself watching old games, checking up on what the players are doing on the gram (most are spending time on TIK TOK and I can’t be mad because... same🥴) and turning on my prerecorded All-Star weekend game once a week to stay sane. This is all while trying to relive when things were beautiful and fun in the NBA.

I think, during this time, when there is so much of it, we can focus on the future of our teams. Maybe we can try to figure out how to build a winning one, eh hem, remember winning Bulls??? I wasn’t even born yet, and I know about the 90s. As the home coach, I know that Coby and Zach are the future! Coby didn’t even get to finish his rookie year, and he was on FIRE! Coach Shaquirra suggests trading Markkanen, Felício and Satoransky, but only Satoransky, if he doesn’t step up his defense. If he does, ‘welcome to the future Sato, welcome to the future’ but that’s just me thinking out loud.

I would like to say thank you to the Chicago Bulls organization for finally listening to their fans and FIRING Paxson and bringing in a fresh young Arturas Karnisovas with an impressive resume to finally give the future of my young Bulls some hope and not only them but me because I’ve been getting dragged through the mud by them for to long that I can feel my grip loosening. Can you tell I'm tired? Because I am and only want the best.

I would’ve never thought in a million years that something like this would happen, that the NBA would be canceled along with our lives. But it has, and in order to get back to where we used to be, staying inside and making sure to wash our hands, to stay germ free is an even bigger deal than my hopes of a future win.

Safe lives by saying inside.


Come back soon NBA, until next time I love you


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