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4 The Culture: Give Us Our Stuff!

Pro Black: a statement, a declaration, a description, one that I associate with myself. Despite the technicalities and debate on whether it is “real” or not, black is my race and I am James Brown proud of it! The history, depth, and resilience are just a few of the reasons that I am happy to have my brown skin represent blackness and the full diaspora that it covers.

Growing up, I was only privy to what I was taught in school. With that limited knowledge, I only knew of the blackness of my own home and community, I had no reference to black history and its significance. Moving into a predominantly white neighborhood and school system, my experience declined further from there. It’s hard to know the value of what you have without it ever being appraised.

Within the last five years that value has become apparent to me, so much so that I literally wear it on my chest. Any piece that I can find to support a black creative, a positive black message, or a nod to black history, I want it, I buy it, I wear it proudly. As a writer, creator, and fashion groupie, I’ve realized that I could shape my own designs to further spread the message of black pride.

However, procrastination is real AF and it has put me on hold from launching my

E-commerce shop for about 2-3 years. During this time, 2020 changed everyone’s life and with that it required the world to pay attention to black folks, all of us, at the same time. Between awkward conversations and texts, the message I needed to share became crystal clear. I cannot speak for black people as a whole, despite what non-black people sometimes think, but we don’t want sympathy, handouts, or selfish apologies. Summing it up simplistically, for myself and for my people, I’d like Equality, Freedom, Justice, and Reparations. This is not a request, but a demand. So, to whom it may concern, Give Us Our Stuff!

A portion of the launch of will be dedicated to fashions promoting black pride and black lives, the 4 The Culture Collection. The highlight of black culture is not a diss to any other culture, and contributing to it is not limited to black people alone. Like the unquestionable pride of other cultures, EbIStyle's 4 The Culture is a celebration of my people and a gem that I want to share with the world. Until we don’t have to remind the world that our lives matter, we’ve got something to say, and I’m not afraid to say it or wear it. The styles of the collection are for anyone that agrees.

4 The Culture Collection

April 2021

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