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Winter Work Party: What to Wear

January is kind of the weird downtime between the Holiday's and Valentines Day, the days of sparkle and shine. However, this year, I'll be forced out of my daily sweatshirts and Uggs, early, to celebrate at my job's late holiday party. True to Eb form, I'm last minute and have no idea What to Wear! Good thing I'm a fashionista and putting together an outfit is my specialty.

I've curated a few looks, for inspiration. These are for all of my last minute ladies, from the glamorous dolls to the chic rock chicks. When dressing for a work event, of course we want to show up and show out! 'Yes, I do comb my hair, sometimes, and I do own more than just leggings.' However, I think it's smart to still stay appropriate, you will have to see these people on Monday, remember that before the next drink. With that, sexy comes from within and actually has little to do with clothing. I'd advise to stay away from too short, too tight, and, or too much skin exposed. Other than that, do you boo.

So, about those looks..


Dresses are an easy go to, but the looks don't have to mean simple. I like the play of juxtaposition in style. For example, to cool down a shorter, fitted dress, pair it with a long sleeved turtleneck. This makes the dress all about the legs, and since it is January, after all, it gives the opportunity to show off some cool ankle length boots. Funky stockings

with prints and sheer are a great alternative to bare legs.


One of my personal favorites, until it's time to go to the bathroom 😩, is the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits may be intimidating offhand, but they can be flattering. The 2 piece style of jumpsuits, with the cinch of the waist gives the illusion of an hourglass figure. I'm also an advocate for shorts in the winter, that's why stockings exist! This makes the romper a fun option, as long as there are sleeves to balance.


If all else fails there's always the go to, pants. Casual black pants are a wardrobe staple and can be dressed up easily. A jegging or 'pant' style may be a bit dressier than jeans, but there are no rules in fashion, do what feels good. When wearing pants, it gives the opportunity to have 1 piece be a standout. For instance, a killer shoe or a fun blouse can dress up casual, . The options are limitless with pants. A blazer and rock tee say party to me!


When choosing what to wear, fit and comfort are everything. For a night of dancing (good or bad), sensible shoes may be ideal. The options listed range from (high) high heels to sneakers. Own your look! You know what you like, and if you love it, everyone else has no other option but to do the same. So ladies, swipe on that mascara and squeeze all of your stuff into your party purse. January won't stop the fashion or fun.

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