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Summer 2018: Sunglasses for Cheap

Although I am a month late and $150 short, I am still mourning a loss. On my margarita filled celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I lost my Original Wayfarer Ray Bans sunglasses. I fell in love with the style while watching a UK based reality show lol. Everyone on the show had Ray Bans sunnies. My young, British obsessed, self had to have them too.  I had those sunglasses for 6 years, they’d been on every vacation with me, survived being dropped, and temporary losses, but this loss was final 😞.

Unfortunately, purchasing a new pair of Ray Bans isn’t that financially sound for me right now, so I am on a quest for style, on a budget. I’ve been lucky to find some great options. In the range of $50 and up, Nordstrom Rack is a great choice, up to $50, H&M, and for all styles under $20,

When picking the right style, a good starting point is to go by face shape, as some frames will be more flattering than others. Below I have listed, a chart of face sizes and the types of frames that work best for each. For me, I have a long shape. The styles that would accentuate my face would be: round, cateye,  wayfarer, aviators, geometric, browline, and oval. This is helpful when shopping online, however, when in store, it’s always more fun to just try on Everything!

Checkout some of my favorite picks from They’re all under $15 and there’s a current promotion for 15% off with code SAVE15. Also, free shipping over $25! What could be better!?

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