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Front and Center Style

I was recently honored with the opportunity to be recognized by a local publication, Voyage Chicago. The magazine recognizes entrepreneurs and influencers in the city. I was lucky enough to be featured for my styling. I feel so blessed and humbled to have been chosen. As I’ve stated, this whole journey is still fresh for me, so this is Amazing!

For the article, I was tasked with providing photos of myself and some examples of my work. Photos of my work, perfect, no problem! Me though 😣😣😣!? As a stylist, I am fully committed to being behind the scenes. The thought of taking professional pictures has always freaked me out actually. So...needless to say, I of course proceeded, but with caution.

Lucky for me, I have a modeling best friend, she was able to hook me up with a photographer. On the day of the shoot, I was hoping she’d be there to give me some direction. Unfortunately she was not able to make it, so it was me, the photographer, and that damn lense. I have to say that I was scared, which the first set of pictures clearly showed. Having your picture taken is hard work! There are angles, and lighting, and weather (if you’re outside). Also, people creeping on you, if you’re outside, like I was. I have a newfound respect for models.

In addition, I learned some styling lessons for myself. Outfits that work for me on a regular do not necessarily carry over well in pictures. Out of three outfits that I planned, I could only use pictures from two. I like to mix my style with both girly and tomboy pieces, like oversized tops with slim or no bottoms (depending on length), or slim tops with looser fit bottoms. Being curvy, this style did not work well for me on camera, lesson learned.

Along with that, this experience has also given me a greater appreciation for others. We never know who sees us and how that perception may resonate. I was selected for Voyage Chicago at random and unbeknownst to me. This means someone saw me. For that, my gratitude has no limit. A special thanks to Voyage Chicago and anyone else who believes in my dream.

Check Out my article here:

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