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Heavenly Bodies: Met Gala-IRL

Heavenly Bodies, not just a gentleman's club, but now the most recent theme of the 2018 Met Gala. Such an interesting theme with so many ways to be interpreted, the Gala, in a way, is prom for the stars. It gives the opportunity for us fashion lovers to awe at the over the top and avant garde styles. However, with it all, it makes me wonder, what if we dressed for the Met Gala IRL (in real life)?

Like fashion week, the looks shown on the runway are not usually wearable right from the show. Variations of the looks are created as ready to wear, which are made available in retail stores. Knowing this, I would interpret the fashion & catholicism based on my own church experience. Growing up in a baptist church, every sunday was a fashion show on its own, but the ultimate “show off” was Easter. I can remember my grandma finding the most poofy dresses, ruffled socks, and bows and ribbons. All of that would be a bit much now and probably tacky as an adult, however, the inspiration is there.

Look 1

Being that white is considered a color of purity, the palette ranges throughout. Don’t be afraid to mix whites, ivory, off white...colors and patterns don’t have to match, but go. I would pair a lightweight skirt with a ruffled bottom, with a white ruffled off the shoulder top. The asymmetrical style of the skirt can give a playful flair, while the off the shoulder top is on trend. A lace up type of Jesus sandal speaks for itself.

Look 2

As a risqué option, the literal term of heavenly bodies makes me think of the celebration of the human body. A fitted bodysuit is the perfect choice to show the God given skin you’re in. With a red lip, optional belt for accentuating curves, and a red lip, this take on the theme a twist of good with attitude.

I may or may not dabble in a ready to wear version of Heavenly Bodies, but if I do, at least I’ve got some options. Either way, fashion should have no limits and Hollywood stars shouldn’t be the only ones to shine. #ShiningInTheChi (well actually the suburbs, where there are less lights, so technically I’m shining even brighter lol)

#metgala #2018 #fashion #avantgarde

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