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Blast From the Past

Social media is crazy. I preface by saying so because the accessibility that it provides is mind blowing at times. One of the only apps that I frequent is Snapchat. Snapchat allows one to connect with any contacts already in the phone, or by user name. When added by someone, that new add tells how that person connected with you. Today, I was added by a Blast from the Past. Past, as in we haven’t spoken in 5 years. However, he added me by phone number. Both weird and funny. Dude, you couldn’t call all this time? (side eye) But, I digress.

Fast forward to a nice conversation and the sharing of memories. We mutually agreed to catch up. Being that we once had a “thing” and it’s been so long, when we see each other I have to look bomb! Right!? Let him see what he missed and or could potentially have. Depending on how he plays his cards lol. So of course, I’ll need the perfect outfit…but what to wear??

If any other ladies may be in this, what to wear dilemma, I’ve come up with some ideas for us. I’ll assume that we’ll do something relaxed like drinks, or dinner, nothing fancy. With that, we can go for casual/cute. We can pair jeans and a statement top. Pairing the best fitting jeans with an eye catching top, be it accent, design, or color will get his attention. However, men are simple and though big sleeves are trending, he probably won’t get it. A universally flattering part, on most women, is the collar bone and shoulder area. This makes off the shoulder and shoulder cut out tops our friends. Many of these tops are also forgiving in their make. Ladies if you haven’t tried this don’t be shy. There are different styles, making them fit accordingly, by age and body type. Kohl’s has a great variety of options at affordable prices.

Though I’m sure we all have tons of options for jeans in our closets already, if anyone is in the market for a new pair, the style range now is massive from petite to long, 00 to plus. My preferred pick for jeans is Old Navy. The Rockstar fit works well for stretch and a mid-rise fit, just above the natural waist, but not constricting like high waist. Old Navy even offers different styles of jeggings which have the look of denim but the fit of leggings. Comfort is key. For choices of inseams, other than regular, these usually must be ordered online. In-store pickup is available at select location, as well.

Remember, once the outfit is complete, you’re never fully dressed without a smile! Wish me luck.

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