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  • Eboné C.

Does an Artist Have to Starve?

I worked at my last job for four and a half years. There, I was able to grow tremendously. I was promoted each year. I was even one of the lucky ones, to be working within the field that I actually love. Lucky me!! With that though, I must admit that I became comfortable and pretty much put all. my eggs in one basket. Though I was in the industry that I love, fashion, none of my promotions led me to do what I desired, which is styling, curating, and creative directing.

Fast forward to now, the company lost funding and there was a mass layoff. My newest position was included. After my initial heartache, and tears I automatically went into survival mode. I filled out about 10 apps that day. Taking my time now to reflect and pray, this has led me here. In less than a week, I've finally taken the steps to create my online portfolio of my stylist work.

This has led me to a Carrie Bradshaw type rhetorical question, does hardship lead to risk, and Does an Artist Have to Starve? Would I have taken this step without a step-back? Are there true successes without fails? In having a passion for an artistic career, there always seems to be a pull between following the craft or getting a “real” job and making money. The two aren’t always interacted. Granted, the access provided by social media platforms can act as a liaison between dreams and reality, however, it is still a true-to-life battle.

The questions all stand, especially for my millennials. Is it possible for us to bridge the gap? I’m on a mission to have a career that I love and still be financially stable. From here, like my craft, my success or fail will be at my own hand. Either way, I'm happy to share the transparency of my journey!

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