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Snow in April: What to Wear?!

As of today, my birthday was four months ago. Just to make sure that we’re all on the same page here, that was December. Not looking for a happy belated..but thanks though! My point is, it’s Spring and the temperature now is lower than it was then. My beautiful city of Chicago has not blessed us with April Showers but instead, April Snow. Now, it’s not my intent to complain about #God’sPlan, but I can clearly remember, last year at this time I was already rocking my Rihanna Puma bow slides. Now that we have temps just barely above the 30’s, what are we wearing this spring?

One of the most diverse pieces that can transition between the Spring/Winter climate is the jacket. Jackets can provide both warmth and style. Specifically paired with a spring style dress, jackets can be layered under heavier coats but sustain “the look” indoors. Denim is everyone’s best friend. For those that like the look of layers, this is an ideal time. My personal favorite jacket trend is the fur (faux of course). Furs are having such a lively moment right now, stores like Forever21 and FashionNova offer affordable options, averaging about $50. Fun colors like pastels give us the nostalgia of the 90’s, think Clueless, but with the modernness of today. My younger sister rocked this look for her 18th birthday #ebistyle.

For the lower half, ladies, we can skip a day or two of shaving still and wear skirts with tights. I’m a stocking enthusiast and love any type of intricate or quirky designs. Being tall with longer legs, I also take advantage of wearing skirts that may be a little bit shorter, than I would wear bare legged. My go to brand is Killer Legs by Yelete. They offer plus sizes as well, which I find work well for me, due to my 5'9 height.

So, though Spring has not yet Sprung, hope is not lost, in the fashion realm at least. For the flowers, I cannot say the same. There are many options for wardrobe combinations and fashion ventures. For my fellow Midwest and East Coast cities, I know you all can relate. Until we can catch up with the temps of everyone else, the style won’t stop!

Spring Fur #ebistyle

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